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About Kalakrity

Welcome to Kalakrity, an interior design company that embodies creativity and innovation. Our name, 'Kala' which means Art and 'Kriti' that stands for Creation in Sanskrit, reflects our commitment to bringing fresh and unique design ideas to every project we undertake. With Kalakrity, clients can trust that their space will be transformed into a beautiful and functional environment that is a true reflection of their creativity and individuality. Explore our portfolio and get in touch with us to start your design journey today.

Meet the Founder

Welcome to the world of interior design where creativity meets functionality! Meet Sharmistha Bagchi Mitra, the founder and creative force behind a Kalakrity. With years of experience and a passion for transforming spaces into stunning, functional works of art, Sharmistha's Kalakrity is the go-to destination for clients looking to elevate their living spaces.

Her expertise lies in creating customized designs that reflect her client's personalities and lifestyles. Her approach is based on a deep understanding of her client's needs and preferences, and a strong commitment to quality and attention to detail.

Our Team.

At Kalakrity, we are proud to be an LGBTQ-friendly interior design company that embraces diversity and inclusivity in all aspects of our work. We believe that the strength of our team lies in the diversity of our backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives, which enables us to bring fresh and innovative ideas to every project we undertake.  From our experienced designers to our friendly support staff, our team is passionate about creating beautiful and functional spaces that reflect the unique style and personality of our clients. Learn more about us and see why Kalakrity is the perfect partner for your next interior design project.

Successful Partnerships

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